Aqua Salt Synthetic Pure Menthol eJuice

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Are you a vaper who enjoys a soothing feeling on the inhale and a fruity blast on the exhale? If so, then Aqua Synthetic Salt Pure Menthol is the only..

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Are you a vaper who enjoys a soothing feeling on the inhale and a fruity blast on the exhale? If so, then Aqua Synthetic Salt Pure Menthol is the only vape juice you need! Experience a tasty combination of strawberry, apple, watermelon and menthol flavors with each puff. Now available at Cheap eJuice, this invigorating flavor comes in 30mL bottles at 35mg or 50mg synthetic nicotine salt strength!

Pure Menthol by Aqua Synthetic Salt

Brand: Aqua Synthetic Salt | Size: 30ml | Flavor: Sweet, Menthol

Aqua Synthetic Salt Pure Menthol really puts an emphasis on cooling down the fruit flavors. On the inhale, you will be settled by the soothing menthol flavor as it creeps down the back of your throat. On the exhale, you will be overjoyed by the immaculate flavors of sugary strawberry, scrumptious apple, and eloquent watermelon. Let the menthol flavor freeze each fruity puff and fill your pod or pod tank with this refreshing flavor!

Menthol-only flavors can get overwhelming for some vape users, so our mixologists wanted a vape juice that incorporated menthol into sweet fruits. They didn't want to just combine the two because that would be too easy, so they set out on an adventure to Antarctica, fully stocked with fresh fruits to eventually experiment with. Once they arrived, they were struck by a freezing breeze, which crept over the glaciers that were surrounding them. They noticed anything that would touch the air without being protected would freeze instantaneously. They immediately had a great idea: setting the fruit they had brought with them outside. They laid ripe strawberries, juicy red apples, and the thickest watermelons they had out in the snow for ten minutes. When they came back, each fruit was covered in an unmeltable ice layer, giving them a frosted look. They took these arctic fruits back to their mobile vape lab and extracted the cold, fruity flavors. Once they were able to get the ice-covered strawberry, apple, and watermelon flavors, they soaked them in their synthetic nicotine salt formula to ensure extra smoothness in each puff. They then made Aqua Synthetic Salt Pure Menthol available in 30mL bottles at 35mg and 50mg synthetic nicotine salt strength at Cheap eJuice!

Warning: This product is not meant for use in devices that reach sub-ohm resistance. We recommend this liquid to be used in vape pod systems and ultra low-output atomizers/mods. Every salt nic juice contains significantly higher levels of nicotine per milliliter, optimal for beginners or experienced vapers looking for a travel-friendly experience.

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